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A New Mattress: Nightmare or Good Night's Sleep? 4 Things you Need to Know

Most people sleep 8 hours on average a day, which means they spend about a third of their life in bed. Therefore you should be very careful when choosing a new mattress. Your night's rest depends on it! It's all about finding the best mattress that is not only comfortable, but also healthy for you.

4 Tips and Tricks You Should Not Miss When Painting Your Bedroom

Despite the fact we spend most of our time there by night, the colours in your bedroom matter. After all, they have an influence on the way you sleep and the overall atmosphere you wish to create. Here are 4 tips and tricks when painting the most intimate room of you home.

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Invite A Warm Glow Into Your Home With A Scandinavian Interior

It should come as no surprise that Scandinavian Design is doing so well. When it comes to our living space, furniture from the North has for decades stood for values we now hold as essential: durability, elegance and functionality.

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